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  • A lot of people say they aren’t concerned about celebrities and don’t understand what the big deal is.  If you are one of those people then this blog isn’t for you! However, a lot of us are obsessed with celebrities and their lives.  We can’t get enough of what they are doing and who they are doing (sorry, had to say it). Granted, I probably wouldn’t recognize a celebrity if that person bumped their shopping cart into mine at the grocery store…but what if I did bump into one of these stars while...
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  • Once again, we wanted to step away from grocery coupons and the other savings we provide to let you know about the latest products that are getting recalled.  Take a look below for a short list (basically the products that have been recalled since our last blog about recalls) or feel free to check out the below links for a full and comprehensive list of everything that has been recalled, both consumer products and food products.  Here is a quick list of the products that have recently been recal...
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